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About us

Cavani was created in 1975 as a sole proprietorship.
Founded by Cavani Renato, it immediately established itself in the construction of tanks for oil and general tanks for any type of liquid material, even food. over the years the company grew both as a production facility and in terms of the types of products manufactured.
In 1984 it began the production of tanks for vehicles with roll-off systems and subsequently the production of roll-off containers and other types for any kind of waste. the production line was integrated over the years with the construction of tipping trolleys and other types for machine tools.
In the 1990s, it established and completed its product range with single-blade roll-off compactors with drawer and a company department exclusively dedicated to internal and external maintenance of its own products and others for the total satisfaction of clients. a delivery service was also offered with its own vehicles and qualified personnel.
In 2008, business growth led to the transformation of the company into a limited liability company. the production area and personnel expanded, with continuous update of its products and employees with all types of certifications. The corporate objective is to provide clients with the highest quality. for this reason all production takes place inside our company with continuous checks of the complete manufacturing process, following the progress of product requests and adapting to both work and environmental needs. the aim is continuous growth, to be able to satisfy the needs of companies over the years.
In addition to the wide range of products, we create and customise containers based on the design and need of each client.